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 Air Ranch are professional audio recordists and interviewers collecting spoken word and sound histories. We travel through the western United States to conduct interviews and take audio recordings of individuals, families and communities to preserve personal and community experiences, memories, history, knowledge, wisdom and all the stories that are carried on air. 

Everyone has a story. Sometimes the telling of those stories gets lost, goes unheard or is always put off to another day.




Fil Corbitt

Fil is an experienced audio producer and field reporter from Reno, Nev. They are the host and creator of The Wind podcast and 'Postcards from the Wind' which is airs weekly on several FM stations across the US. Their work has appeared on NPR, CBC, 20khz, PRX Remix and Outside Magazine.


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Eleanor Tullock

Eleanor is a researcher, designer, sound artist and Australian exile based in California and the western states. Writer of cultural histories, rural ghost mysteries and in production of folk instruments and the architecture of air, sound and lightness.


Note: The background photographs you will see on this website are historic photos from the families of both the creators, across the scattered origins of their histories - in Scotland, New Zealand, Alberta Canada and Arkansas USA


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